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Attention: Ms. Wynn’s Sweet and Savory Creations is currently looking for a qualified company to manufacture and distribute the “Margarita Tart” under a licensing agreement.


Please find below Pertinent Marketing Facts pertaining to the “Margarita Tart.”


The Margarita Tart offers a unique twist to traditional dessert.


  • Dessert is the last course of every satisfying meal. People actually crave it. There are even neurological triggers to dessert, recent studies found, as well as a neurological nudge for after-dinner drinks.
  • The new Margarita Tart combines these factors. It’s a delicious dessert that’s infused with alcohol, and does so in a terrific cocktail flavor that’s very popular. It lets you respond to both of your culinary desires and neurological impulses!
  • It even lets you enjoy the relaxing effects that people desire from after-dinner drinks. While many desserts use liqueurs, those desserts are prepared by heat, which causes the alcohol to evaporate. The Margarita Tart doesn’t require heated preparation, so the alcohol remains.
  • The patent pending Margarita Tart taste great and satisfies your stomach and brain at the same time! Contact us to bring this winning combination to your customers.


The Margarita Tart offers a new dessert that can be produced in multiple formats and variations.  


  • Margaritas have a sweet, fruity taste, so it makes sense to combine this popular beverage with dessert to make the Margarita Tart. This new delight isn’t limited to that one flavor, though.
  • Margaritas come in many varieties. You’ll find strawberry, pineapple, cranberry, blackberry, watermelon and even rhubarb flavors. As a result, the Margarita Tart isn’t limited to the traditional margarita flavor, either.
  • There are many types of sweet cocktails that can be used with the Margarita Tart, too. For instance, it can be a Pina colada, mojito or white Russian tart. It can even be made in cannabis-infused varieties. The legalization of cannabis is rapidly expanding, after all.
  • The new Margarita Tart can be produced in many varieties that are sure to please consumers. This is a licensing opportunity. Contact us now. 


The Margarita Tart offers this flavorful dessert at an ideal time of opportunity.


  • Retail sales of desserts have sure been sweet. In 2018, refrigerated and frozen dessert sales reached $27.7 billion in the U.S. From that refrigerated/frozen dessert category, cakes, pies and tarts accounted for nearly $1 billion of those sales.
  • While sales of all refrigerated/frozen desserts are expected to grow at an annual average of 3.7 percent, this subcategory is growing at an even more impressive rate of 5.2 percent annually.
  • What’s causing this impressive growth? “Innovation,” industry experts say in recent analyses, “to reach consumers looking for the newest and most innovative products.”
  • It’s one particular consumer group that’s responsible for this recent sales growth. Millennials are buying these desserts the most. Almost half of them consume dessert at least once a week.
  • Millennials consume alcohol more than other consumer groups, as well. In fact, this age group is responsible for almost half of all alcoholic beverage sales (approximately 45 percent).
  • The Margarita Tart can appeal to this consumer group, and with appeal that combines the two product categories they dominate. With this Millennial appeal, the Margarita Tart can make a quick and profitable impression on the dessert market.


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