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Wilhelmina Wynn was born February 27th in Reno, Nevada., to the late Reverend W. J. Wynn, First Administrative Assistant of Nevada and First Lady Rochelle Wynn-Anderson; she is the fifth of nine children. Wilhelmina graduated from Earl Wooster High School and since then, attended Reno Business College, Truckee Meadows junior college, San Francisco Bay City College, Sacramento State University and Los Rios junior college.

Growing up in a large family, cooking was her favorite past time—making up recipes, adding some of this, and a little bit of that. Often times she would call her father, who was a cook in his own right, asking him to hurry home because she had made up some concoction that he just had to try.

One day her father told her to start writing down her recipes. It wasn’t until after a singing career with her sisters, The Wynn’s, the late, great Edwin Hawkins, Phillip Bailey of Earth Wind & Fire, a 20 year career in the medical field, then a change to the real estate market—all which she still loves, a nonprofit organization called “Just Let Me Speak Inc.” for victims of molestation and abuse—that she began to take her passion for food, seriously.

Even after becoming a pastor‘s wife, somehow cooking continued to be in the forefront of her mind and heart. Within all the different careers she’s navigated through, somehow someway, she would have an event that would include cooking.

After relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada, the excitement of the restaurants and all the pastry bars began to awaken what she’d always known. Then she was asked to be a guest on her brother’s cooking show, America’s Cooks, on The Wynn Network—this heightened her passion to another level!

On the inside, she heard,


So with her heart she conversed,

I’m passionate about my cooking & baking. I love to see the reaction on people’s faces when they bite into a pastry or a savory dish or a new creation I’ve prepared, like my fish fry batter on fresh fish or chicken wings with my all-purpose one & only sauce, a cookie with a snap, or a slice of my sweet potato pie and to add a pop, my Margarita Tart!”

Hindsight is 20-20 they say, at different spans of time she remembers how people would ask for her creations, offering to pay—they didn’t care what it cost, just as long as they could indulge.

Everything she touches is prepared with the freshest ingredients, patience, quality, passion and love!

So was born, Ms Wynn’s Sweet & Savory Creations.