“The Margarita Tarts are Available for Licensing. Contact us Now.”


Ms. Wynn’s Sweet and Savory Creations was birthed from a simple fish fry batter that she created and would sell at a street fair event in Palm Springs, Ca. One day, while standing in her kitchen trying to think of something to create, she came up with the idea of a margarita tart. The concept came to her after making a daiquiri pie that she once made for her family. The pie was well received by family and friends and they would often send praises and tell her that the pie was good enough to sell. She figured that wasn’t a bad idea.

The name Ms. Wynn’s is a derivative of her last name, the “sweet and savory creations” was created by her daughter, Princess; her baked goods, which is the sweet aspect and her fish fry batter and “one & only sauce”, which is the savory aspect. Ms. Wynn then decided to combine the two things that she loved most together and incorporate them in the overall name of her business.

Her love and passion for cooking is immeasurable and she wants nothing more than to share her creations across the country in hopes that everyone who tastes her confections will walk away with a satisfying, long-lasting memory of Ms. Wynn’s Sweet and Savory creations!

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ~ Virginia Woolf