“The Margarita Tarts are Available for Licensing. Contact us Now.”


  • My cousin Mina knows her craft. Her elevated palate allows her to create incredible dishes. If you haven’t tried her fish fry, get some today. My favorite thus far is her pound cake…yummy!

    Linda Harrison
  • While my love and I were in Vegas we HAD to stop by to get some of Ms. Wynn’s Sweet & Savory Creations💜💜💜 Nordasha had her Strawberry Tart and I had her original Margarita Tart and I got to taste her new Pina Colada Tart.. ( I ate it that’s why I dont have a picture 🤣) but yall! They are soo BOMB💣!! If you dont check her out and order from her you’re missing out!! Best desserts EVER!!! Shes about to take all my lil coins lol 💜😋

  • Let me tell you! The thick and creamy richness that the Margarita tart has is uncanny! I am a foodie and love to rave about my favorite dishes. I was surprised at how flavorful the tart was, from the buttery crust, to the the lime margarita flavored tart itself. You literally can taste EVERY single ingredient. It’s worth every penny! It’s absolutely true to the name. Amazing!

    Cherael Murray
  • The first time a tried Ms. Wynns Margarita Tart I was pleasantly surprised at the creaming, smooth and light texture. For me, it was a cross between a cheesecake and a cream pie. The habanero tart is my favorite. I cannot wait to try some of the newest flavors. The Margarita tart is like trying something you have never had before, and something you want to have again. It is differently worth trying and sampling all the flavors. Then try and decide which one you like the best!

    Marianne Hamilton
  • Alway. CLean and good service and most importantly they deliver on there behalf thank u for the delicious dishes !!!


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